Adding second voice issues

I am really enjoying Dorico but having a frustrating issue with adding a second voice.

I am using some second voicing in a RH piano part. Whilst the shift + V command works during ‘active’ note input itself, it doesn’t seem to work when I go back to the bar i.e. if I complete voice 1 of a bar, click outside, then return with the hope of using shit + V to add the second voice, no +2 option appears. Even if I copy and paste a bar in which two voices seemed to work, with a view to adapting the second voice rhythm to the desired rhythm for that bar, I still get no option of adding the second voice when using the shortcut, even if I click on the second voice note at the beginning of the bar.

I also have issues with sometimes having an option of voice 4 + 5 but not 2, as if it’s skipping that option. I’ve tried deleting the bar in case it has ‘remembered’ attempts to add a 2nd voice.

Please help! I love the program but am pulling my hair out at not simply being able to move around the score and add 2nd voices easily.

Thanks in advance. :blush: :blush:

Try restarting Dorico. That should erase any unused voices and may give you a fresh start.

Once you’ve created a new voice with Shift+V and added at least one note to it, thereafter you can return to that voice simply by typing V on its own, not using Shift+V, which always creates a new voice.