Adding/seeing channels in an FX group

Apologies in advance for what is likely a dummy question but sometimes I don’t ‘get’ Cubase’ usability logic so I can’t see what may be right in front of me:

  1. how can I add a track to a group (FX group not a folder - which is all I find when I try googling this topic) I know how to create an FX group from a selection of tracks, but how can I add an additional track once the FX group has been created?

  2. How can I ‘see’ what tracks are actually included in an FX group?

Hi, what do you mean by “fx group”? It’s either an fx track or a group track.

About 1:
If it’s an fx track that you created for the selected tracks and you just want to send one more later on to that then you go to track’s sends and send the amount you want to the fx track.

If it is a group track you want to send to then you go to tracks routing output and select the group you want to send to

About 2:
open your mixer (f3) and expand the upper section (routing) and you can see the group’s name at the lower register which is for the output

Not sure what you exactly mean by “FX group” - in Cubase terminology you usually have “group channels” for grouping multiple tracks together, and “Effects/FX channels” for using send effects like reverb.
If you mean how to add a track to a group channel, you do that with the channel routing, which can be done in multiple places, either in the mixer in the “routing” tab, or in the “Edit” window or also in the track inspector of the arrangement window. Just set "output routing to the appropriate group channel, like in the "edit window:

or in the mixer:

For the second question: open the edit window of the group track and click on the arrow of the “sources” field and you see all the tracks that feed into the bus.

For FX tracks: what almaelectronix wrote.

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Thanks for the replies - apologies for the ambiguity - I meant A Group Track, so I can for example apply send effects to a bunch of tracks at one time

Apologies, another dummy question - but how do I open the edit window on the group track? - I can’t find any contextual menus which show it

hit that little “e” symbol on the track

Magic - thank you!

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No problem my friend.
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