Adding several rhythm samples without staff lines

How should I go about adding performance hints like “play dotted rhythms as triolic rhythms” or more specific ones like shown below?
solo notes.png
Do I need to create a new flow for each bit of music and place music frames into empty spaces of a text frame? How do I get rid of the staff lines?


You can’t create music without any staff lines in Dorico at the moment, I’m sorry to say. For now, I would suggest you bring a marking like that into the project using a graphics frame.

OK, no problem.

A big compliment from me: I think it speaks volumes about the usability of Dorico that the only features I can’t find immediately when looking in the obvious places are the ones that aren’t there yet. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see Dorico grow.


OK, now I’m intrigued…how did you do this?

Clever. Set the staff thickness to 0 in engrave options, then export a pdf file. Then export that file as a JPEG but at much, much higher resolution. The staff lines disappear more and more the higher the resolution of the JPEG file. Then take a screen shot of the result at a lower resolution. The staff line will disappear.

You have to modify the instruments.xml file… I’m not telling you how here in the open. Send me a PM if you’re desperate :slight_smile:

Oh, OK. Not that I mind messing around with XML files, but I think I’ll pass on this one :wink:

Is there a copyright issue here? I’m new to this aspect of things.

No, there’s no copyright issue, but modifying Dorico’s internal data files manually is not something we would recommend, and it’s certainly possible to get into a bit of a bad state if you do so (e.g. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if editing the instruments.xml file such that it has a syntax error would actually prevent Dorico from even running, and certainly it would prevent you from creating new projects).

Ahhh! O.K.

Risky “behaviour”, indeed! :laughing:

Well, as with most things in life, it’s not that risky if you know what you’re doing :laughing:

Fair enough … :wink: