Adding Short WAV File

This may be in the manual, but I was not able to find it.

  1. I want to add a bowed thundersheet to a score.
  2. I can notate this in the score, but it does not play back, even though VSL has this sound. (It must have something to do with the expression map.)
  3. I would like to add the sound to the score without showing the wav file. In other words, people will see the notation but hear the wav.

I can, of course, add the silent notation, export the audio from Dorico, and add the bowed thundersheet in a DAW, but it would be nice to have this all in Dorico. (I know this can be done in StaffPad because I added a cuckoo clock wav to a piece before I switched to Dorico.)


So far Dorico supports only video files. The only way to attach audio is to convert it to video first. If you’re already comfortable with a DAW, that’s probably a better method.

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@Mark_Johnson , Thanks, Mark. I’m pretty surprised this feature is not available, but it’s not a problem. I’ve been using DAWs for many years and that’s a good workaround.

Why I can’t get that VSL sound to play in Dorico is another issue but I’ll shoot a note to Vienna.

Take care. -K

Hi @konradh , which VSL Library are you using? I tried with Synchronised-SE 1Plus (that I have), and it seems that the installation of VSL for Dorico doesn’t bring a Percussion Map for the Orchestral Percussions preset (please someone correct me if I am wrong)

The best way would be to have/to create a percussion map for that preset, including all the sounds contained (as in the picture 1), and the corresponding instrument definitions

But if you for the moment only need a Thundersheet bowed sound, I was able to do so:
create an instrument definition, called Thundersheet bowed; create a new Percussion Map with that instrument on the note F1; save with a name; create a player (inside or outside a kit) with that instrument; insert a Synchron player in the VST panel in play mode; assign it to the track of the thunder sheet bowed; assign to it the VSL Velocity+CC2 Dynamics expression map and the created Percussion Map (2), and you are good to go: it will sound as expected.

Here an example file that has that instrument (both in a kit and as separate instrument) and works fine. In the zip file I added the Dorico file, the Percussion map (to be imported) and the Playback template. All very minimal, just to be able to playback the file with VSL Synchronized-SE:

adding thundersheet bowed (592.9 KB)

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If you have the full version of Kontakt, you can drag your wav file onto it, then save it as an instrument. In Dorico, create a Kontakt VST Instrument and assign the Kontakt instrument you just created. You can then trigger the audio file directly from Dorico. (Perhaps there’s a way to do this with HALion too, I’ve never tried.)

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I think you could use GASE and the MIDI triggers to do that, IIRC. Use it as if it were a sampler.


Wow, @Christian_R, Thank you for that extensive and detailed explanation!