Adding staff below showed player's 2nd instrument instead and now it's broken?

Hi friends. I am really confused about what happened but I’m worried my file has broken. I was in the midst of adding many additional staves above/below instruments to make alternate versions of individual measures to try in a workshop tomorrow. At some point when I tried to add an additional stave below bari sax, it instead showed the empty stave for bari’s second instrument, the bocal. Now, both bari sax and bocal staves are showing throughout the entire piece even when one of those instruments isn’t playing. I’ve tried to fix with manual staff visibility dialogue and staff-remove staff, but no luck. Remove staff actually seems to delete the bocal’s music later on. Any ideas what I did or how to fix it? The bocal doesn’t have much music so my thought is maybe capture its music, delete the bocal, and re-add it to bari. Here’s the file.
Beneath the Old Power Plant- Sketches 2.dorico (828.5 KB)

Is this because Layout options>Vertical Spacing>Staff visibility>Hide empty staves is set to Never?

It is set to “never,” but I wouldn’t have thought that would impact two instruments held by the same player?

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This is old but I wonder if this has anything to do with what Daniel says here?

What I do notice is that if I move Bocal instrument to a new player (drag and drop the instrument card to a new solo player), the Visibility tool shows me the different baritone sax staves, and that might be more important for you than having automatic instrument changes, at this stage of the work…

Ah that’s interesting. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing them before. Well, anyway, I tried deleting all of the extra bari staves and can verify that that fixed the bocal stave issue - now bari and bocal are showing/hiding themselves as they are supposed to be doing. I guess for tomorrow I’ll try to just cram all the different alternate options onto two ossia staves with different stem directions or something, assuming I can use ossias and instrument changes in the same instrument.

This would be a nice feature to have in the future though. I can think of a few examples, like say in a modern choral piece you have sopranos all reading from one stave, then they diverge into two or more staves for a bit, and later they change to some one-line staff sound effect setup as a second instrument.