Adding staves issue on multiple instruments players parts


I’m very happy with the way Dorico 2 manage additional staves and ossias.
It makes my life so much easier!
But I found that it’s not fully optimized for multiple instruments players.
For example, a clarinet part with both a B flat clarinet and a Bass Clarinet, can’t have an additional stave without making a mess on the part.

Ossias on the other hand work just fine with multiple instrument players.

Here, you can download the file I created to show this issue.!AmXvSWmFNi78h4ovBdJFZgXB68VhAA

Thanks for everything!

I’m pretty sure that this is intentional. If you had a stave showing or hiding mid-way through a system, how could you possibly know which instrument it referred to?

It could be useful in multiple ways:

  • To show an other musician part above the played part, just for few bars.
  • To add a singing or percussion stave above the playing part (singing or tapping while playing), just for few bars
    I use both + ossias in the current project I’m working in.
    I’ll sure find a workaround, for example, using ossias.
    Unfortunately a workaround consisting of a part combining multiple “players”, is not as fun, for you can’t just stop showing a single stave instrument when ever you want. It has to be shown from the beginning to the end of the system.
    And adding a stave in a single instrument part is no different from a multiple instrument part. One should still write what the additional staves are for, isn’t it?

I can remove a staff from a flow in a multiple flows project. But whenever I try to add a staff to just one of the flows in a multiple flows project, that one staff is added to all the flows. I refer to working in Setup. What do I do wrong? Please advice. Thx.

Don’t do it in Setup. Do it by selecting a note or rest in write mode, right-clicking then going Staff > Add Staff Below (or add staff above)

Thx so much Leo for your support.
True enough, in WRITE mode the right click allows adding a staff. But … the staff is added to the staff in which a note or rest was selected (in fact doubling that staff) while I am hoping to add another voice/instrument to just one flow (I probably should have used the word voice rather than staff). Is that also somehow possible in the WRITE mode?
Looking forward to your response (although knowing that the festive days require to be extra patient).

Maarten, I’m going to assume that what you want is an extra player that only appears in one flow. To do that, add the player in Setup mode as usual. Then right-click that player (still in Setup mode) and go Flows > Remove Player from All Flows. Then either right-click the player, go to the Flows submenu and click the one flow you want this player to appear in, or click the player and tick the correct flow in the bottom panel.

Thanks so much Leo, really appreciate your help. It worked as you told me.
I’ll move on again (until I bump into the next obstacle.
Regards, Maarten Siebel