Adding staves to percussion instruments on a measure-by-measure basis while preserving page view

In a score for two percussionists (both of whom have multiple instruments in their setup), I am trying to add and remove extra staves on a measure-by-measure basis (i.e. there is usually one staff for a snare drum, but occasionally there will be an extra staff for one measure so that I can later manipulate the extra staff in Illustrator). In galley view, Dorico shows this correctly (as pictured). I don’t want to show the instruments that are not being used, but in page view Dorico not only shows all of the unused instruments but also shows the extra staves for the entirety of the flow (as also pictured).

Prior to adding the staves, page view correctly hid the unused instruments. What can I do to fix the disconnect between the page view and galley view?

I’m afraid, Isaac, that this isn’t currently easily possible for players with multiple instruments and when using instrument changes.

Agh, I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case! Thanks for letting me know!