Adding suffix to rehearsal mark increases padding?

Sorry, I swear this is the last post from me today. :blush:

See screenshots below, before and after.

I’ve noticed sometimes that when I add a suffix to a rehearsal mark, it greatly increases the vertical padding above it… even if there seems to be no reason based on the staff above. That’s the case here. Adding a suffix really makes the other staves jump. Is this something that can be improved?

In general this doesn’t happen, Dan. Can you please attach a project in which this occurs reproducibly? I wonder whether you might find in any case that once you save, close and reopen the project the extra space is gone.

File here. It’s not a big deal, more of a curio to me. Rehearsal mark D. Thanks.

I think what’s going on here is that the rehearsal mark is left-aligned, but something’s not quite right about the way that the collision avoidance with the chord symbol at the start of the bar is being calculated. We’ll look into this further in due course.