adding system break changes note spacing

something strange happens in Dorcio 2.1, when I add a system break:
open the attached fake example and add a system break to the first note of the second page. The result for me is, that the note spacing changes. I can’t remember seeing the same behaviour before version 2.1.
For my taste adding the system break shouldn’t change anything in this case.
system (1.5 MB)

The spacing isn’t changing: it’s the casting off that’s changing, and the reason for that is that when you insert a system break near the end of the score – and the exact number of systems from the end of the score depends on the number of players in the layout – you are influencing what Dorico does in order to try and even out the number of bars on the last several systems of the score. This behaviour has been the same in every version of Dorico. (You can open your example in Dorico 1.x and try it for yourself.)

Probably I have never tried to enter a system break close to the end of a piece at the start of a page so far …
I tried to move the system break in write mode in version 2.1, which is quite nice. I hope the we also will be able to move the breaks to the next or previous bar in the future.
Another observation: when I move the system or frame breaks, the staff spacing on the previous page goes crazy. Changing to another layout and back brings everything back into place again.