Adding systems

Hi there!

If I’m working in kinda “one-bar mode” (I don’t really need the bars and barlines), how do I add more systems to continue writing? I would be very grateful if you can explain

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To force a new system before Dorico senses a line is full, choose a note where you want to start the new system, go to Engrave mode, and press SHIFT + S (or SHIFT + F to start a new Frame/page).

If the System Break hops to where you don’t want it (mine insisted on retreating to the start of the measure), go to Write mode; select the System Break signpost; and use ALT/OPT + the arrow keys to move the signpost to your desired split point.

Dear Derrek,


In Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Breaks
there is a helpful option, new in Dorico 4:
:ballot_box_with_check:︎ Snap system and frame breaks to barlines when creating
which you’ll want to un-tick for this kind of work.