Adding tall SVGs stretches PTs window

When creating a custom PT, if I add an SVG that is even moderately tall, the entire PT window is stretched vertically (because of the graphic preview in the bottom right corner). The buttons for “Add Glyph” and “OK” are no longer visible on the screen. And the window cannot be resized.

It would be helpful if the graphic preview were scaled to fit the existing dimensions available in the window.

Does increasing the monitor resolution make the window smaller so more is visible?

I don’t think that’s the issue in my case. I’m running a 4K monitor with pretty small scaling. This seems like an anomaly.

I’ve worked around this by figuring out I need to press Tab twice, then Return, then Tab, Return to close.

Hi Dan, I had this problem but on Mac, clicking the little green button in the upper left of the window for full screen works.




We should be able to fix the preview to a more sensible size. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.