Adding tempo text after metronome value


I would like to enter something like “Lentissimo (q = 40) (or slower)”. Is there a way to do it right in the Tempo box? It seems to me that you can’t add text after the metronome value.


Not natively, no, but you could download Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font, install that, then use it to enter the quarter note in the middle of a string of System Text. You’d then need to hide an actual metronome mark for playback (which can be achieved by typing Shift+T q=40 Enter, then unticking the “Metronome mark shown” property.

Ah, thanks, that’s a clever workaround!

I was also trying with a text frame with a custom paragraph style imitating the one of the Tempo text, but this could end up in misalignment.

I wonder if I can do the same thing you suggest with a Character style, using the Bravura font for local text.


You could (making sure to use the Bravura Text font), but Metrico makes it easy, and it’s free.

Seen it. It does a lot more things than the one I was looking for. Very interesting!


Related, I prefer to state metronome marking first, vertically aligned with where that tempo starts, and then follow that with text, like
“q=48 delicate; trickles of glistening water”

It would be very handy if we could choose to place text after metronome mark.
Can use system text and hidden tempo, I suppose, but I’d rather do it simply and avoid problems when adjusting tempos.