Adding text attributes to a title or subtitle results in page overrides

In the project info it is not possible to assign text attributes such as underlines or subscripts. Doing so in the text frames in Engrave mode results in page overrides. Is there a way to avoid the red triangles?

Yes, do the changes in the master pages instead.

So there must be separate master pages for the flows that include text attributes?

If you don’t want to have it on every part yes.
But keep in mind that you already have different master page sets for scores and parts.
If you for example just want some parts to have underlined text, I would duplicate the parts master page sets and make the required changes to this new master page.
Then select all the layouts in layout mode and change them to the new master page set.

Get it, thank you klafkid. In my special case I have some flows with subscript numbers in the title, such as 2.1, where 1 is subscripted instead of the dot.

Well, I don’t want to tell you how to do your formatting, but in this case I would probably do the following:

  • separate the two numbers in project Info (for example use flow number and work number)
  • don’t create a new master page set but change the flow header of the master page
  • in this Flow Header, use two tokens: (@flownumber@}{@worknumber@} ( meaning subscripting the second one, also I am not sure about the exact tokens)

Perfect! Thanks.

Text formatting options in the Project info would be great! Would save a lot of time fiddling around with workarounds …