Adding text to a score

So when I press Shift+X to open up the text box is there a way to change the default setting for the font size as every time I have to change it to a bigger size ??

The default text is defined by the paragraph styles, if I am not mistaken. So if you change the size value of the default paragraph style, you should find it will be respected next time you invoke shift-X (or alt-shift-x for system text).
Edit : read carefully the excellent advice Dan is giving right after this one. Default text is use as a parent paragraph style for a lot of other paragraph styles, it could really create a mess to change it!

Marc is right, but be careful about changing the default text size if you’ve already worked on the score a good amount! You might find lots of unexpected things change.

Another option is to create a new paragraph style. If you then click “Save as Default,” that new style will be available to you in key commands. You can set a custom key command (instead of Shift-X, if you want) to use that new style.


thanks for the advice guys much appreciated

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