Adding text to score - how to make global performance notes


I’d like to add some rehearsal marks (text) to my score and I want them to appear on all parts. Is there a way I can add text globally to all parts? The section in question is a repeat section that I would like to ad a x3 to.

Thanks in advance.


Just add it as system text (Shift+Alt+X on Windows), not as Rehearsal Marks. It only shows above the staves where System Objects appear (specified in Layout Options), but will appear on all parts.

Shift+X adds staff text on one staff only; Shift+Alt+X adds System Text, which appears on all staves (in the parts) but only specific staves in the Full Score.

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Specifically for the ‘3x’ text, if you select the start or end repeat bar line and look at the properties panel, there are properties for play n times text…


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You can specify number of repeats by setting the Play n times property of the repeat barline.

(You can change the wording in Engraving Options>Repeat Markers…)

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