Adding text

Can anyone please reveal the secret of how to add text musical directions in Dorico Elements 3.5. I need to be able to add text like ‘assai piano’ or ‘a mezzo voce’ below a track. Hopefully it’s possible with a free text editor? And drag and drop to position it? Can’t find anything about that in the impenetrable help documentation. Popovers seem to require specific text to do anything at all, and then you can’t move the text to where you want it.

Shift-X is the free text editor for staff-attached text. Shift-Alt-X is the free text editor for system-attached text.

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If you want it below the staff, with the staff text selected, press F to flip it.

Sorry you couldn’t find the relevant pages in the manual - here are the steps for adding text. Here are the steps for flipping items so they appear on the other side of the staff.

Depending on what you want text to mean, there might be other options that are more appropriate. If you want it to be more like expressive text, like “p dolce” you can do that alongside a dynamic as a dynamic modifier. If you want text to indicate a change in technique, like “pizz.”, that’s a playing technique.

Thanks very much for your help guys!