Adding title page wrecks layout - any suggestions please?

When I add a title page in Engrave mode (whether pages are override or not) bunches up my staves on the second music page and destroys my carefully-done layout - I’ve tried LOCK layout and LOCK Frame neither of these work - can anyone help? Thank you! David.

Unfortunately some edits are locked to the page on which they originally occurred. There aren’t many, but it sounds like you’ve moved staves vertically using the Staff Spacing tool in Engrave mode? And those are liable to be lost when the page number changes, and alas inserting a page at the beginning of a layout changes the page number of all subsequent pages.

If you’re happy sharing your project, users here might be able to suggest adjustments you could make to e.g. your vertical spacing settings for the layout, which are less manual and always apply to staves, wherever they are in a layout.

If you’d rather not share it publicly, you’d be welcome to send it privately to me and I’ll take a look.

Probably best at this stage to make the title pages in a DTP app, and combine PDFs from both apps.

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If I have already formatted my music pages and still wish to add (an undefined number of) title pages that require reference to Dorico info, I find that adding them at the end of the file and then moving them to the start in a PDF program can be a useful option.


thanks you - yes you’re right I moved the staves up a bit! I solved it using Word, making a PDF then sticking together after - a hack is often faster I find - thanks again

thanks - I did that actually now yes - word, PDF - then smallPDF - to stick together

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If you’d still like to share the project in case there’s a more reliable method of achieving the same end result in how the music looks, you’re very welcome to do so.

It would be nice to be able to do it all within Dorico, rather than making the final result using PDF`s.

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One can do it all in Dorico provided one plans the title pages from the start. The problem with page-attached formatting occurs when one makes specific changes to pages (overrides) and then wants to go back and change the page (usually by adding or subtracting material).

Careful use of page templates and spacing by rule (in layout options) can usually minimize potential problems later.


yes - thanks - I learnt the hard way and resorted to PDFs this time

true - and will do next time by doing the title page etc. first before moving staves - thanks