Adding to file name when rendering files in Montage


After compiling an album montage then I need to render a variety of files. Is it possible to add an option to add to the file name created? Eg. “_testmaster”, “_finalmaster” or “_instrumental” etc. Creating the files first and then using the batch processor to rename seems like a few unnecessary steps. A tick box with “add to file name” and a box that appears would be very handy for me.


Yes, I think a postfix option for the rendered file name right in the render dialogue box would be ideal. For me, it’s usually fine that the rendered file name is first generated from the track marker name.

But, especially when mastering single song projects, sometimes I want to have more than one WAV file of one song in the same folder so it can be zipped and sent to the client. For example, a 16-bit/44.1k WAV and a 24-bit/96k WAV, and a few other formats like AAC, or mp3…all in the same folder.

The AAC and mp3 are not a conflict because the extension is different, but two WAV files can’t have the same name in the same folder, even if the bit depth and sample rate are different. This makes for a lot of manual renaming with the finder.

I’m hoping a postfix option in the render dialogue box to add some additional characters to the given file name from the track marker.