Adding track -> weird track selection behavior with Console 1

After adding a track Cubase selects an other track in the project (seems random). Often the track is pages away form the newly added track so navigating back is very annoying and sucks up time.

I had this behavior on CB 9.5 also but hoped it would be solved on CB 10.

I have notice that the problem only occurs in my newly made template and not in the factory template. As soon as I add Softtube Console 1 plugins to all tracks the weird track selection behavior starts. Who should solve this problem?

Anyone else has this behavior?

Softtube console 1 version 2.74

Yes, I reported it to both steinberg and softube.
It happens because Console 1 is the master of track selection and will cause the selection to jump to the first track down the list that has the plugin on it.

VERY disrupting.

I should add… Please report this to softube as well, we need more attention on it.