Adding/transferring Dorico 4 to a new computer

I was surprised to get a new computer. Now I need to transfer Dorico to it. I searched the forum and only found info about elicensers and usb dongles and other info prior to version 4. What’s the best method to copy or move the program and all settings to my new computer? I have a very slow internet connection so it would be ideal if I could copy as much as possible (especially the sounds) rather than have to re-download everything. (If it makes any difference I probably will end up moving the program to my new computer rather than having two copies. I haven’t decided for sure).

Re: project settings, perhaps the easiest way is to use the Library Manager to import any of the settings you can from an old project?

Re: sounds, there may be a way, in the Download Manager to “locate files”. You’d just need to copy your sounds to wherever you want and then select that location. I’m not at my computer so forgive me if I’m wrong.

To install on a new computer, download and install Steinberg Download Assistant, run it, sign in with your Steinberg ID, choose the My Product Downloads category on the left-hand side, select Dorico Pro 4 within, then on the right-hand side click Install All and wait for all of the progress bars to turn green. Then run Dorico 4, sign in to Steinberg Activation Manager with your Steinberg ID when prompted, and off you go.

Is there any way to copy an install from another computer? I have a super slow internet connection. I just don’t understand why, when I’ve got the software on one machine the only way to put it on a second machine is to re-install via downloading. It will take me a good month or more of steady downloading to get the programs I need installed on the new computer. There has to be a better way for people to migrate existing installed software to a new computer.

You should certainly download the main Dorico 4 application installer and run that on your new computer. You should use Steinberg Download Manager to do that, so that it will install Steinberg Activation Manager and Steinberg Library Manager for you.

But you could copy the sound content from one machine to another. Look in Steinberg Library Manager to see where the files are located, and then copy those files to the corresponding location on your new machine, and run Steinberg Library Manager to make sure those files are all correctly registered on the new machine.

I’m not sure how to transfer or move activation from one machine to another.

Also QUESTION: Can one of the 3 approved activations be placed on a Dongle while the other 2 activations on machines not needing the Dongle? Please Advise.

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Does this help?

I don’t think so… I’m prepared to be wrong!

No, Steinberg Licensing does not interoperate with the old eLicenser system at all, so you cannot store any of your activations on a USB-eLicenser.

That will help tremendously. The download manager had saved the dorico install file so I just copied that over to the new machine, and installed as usual. Now I’ll copy the sounds. Thanks

I want to transfer activation from one computer to another (Dorico 4). I want to put it on an older computer. I have a new computer that I will install Dorico 5. However, I’d like to keep Dorico 4 on an older Late 2012 MacBook Pro. I downloaded it via Steinberg download. When I tried to activate it, I got the message that that I need to input the Access code. I inputed that, but got the message “that code had already been used”. Yes. . .for the original computer. I want to move it all to an earlier model computer. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Please advise. Thanks!

You don’t need to enter any codes: install Dorico 4 on your computer via Steinberg Download Assistant, then run Steinberg Activation Manager and sign in with your Steinberg ID. You’ll see your Dorico 5 license there now, not your Dorico 4 license, because you have “traded in” your Dorico 4 license for a Dorico 5 one – but you can still run Dorico 4 under a Dorico 5 license. It will count as one of your three Dorico 5 activations, however.