Adding two texts to lines

Is it possible to attach two snippets of text to a line, for example, a horizontal arrow that goes from one word to another? Right now, I’m always attaching the first text to the beginning of the arrow, but the text at the end has to stand on its own (as staff text), which means it’s necessary to align both objects every time. Is there an easier solution?

What is the intention behind the two texts?

Is it something like “sul pont. -----> sul tasto” ? If so, use custom playing techniques and group them. You can set transition and duration lines for playing techniques on an individual basis, and as a default per-technique.

Thanks, that would be helpful, but in my case, the text has to be completely flexible. Can you make playing techniques with changeable text?

No, you’d have to create a separate playing technique for each bit of text. (Edit: well, unless the playing technique itself was a teeny transparent glyph or something, that doesn’t appear in the music, and you add a prefix/suffix to individual instances of it? I’ve not tried whether that would work but you could try that?)

There might also be a clever combination of line annotations and line bodies that could allow you to end up with a line with text at either end, but again, line annotations are fixed items, you’d need a separate annotation for each different “bit of text”.

Since one can make playing techniques and not make them defaults, custom playing techniques (without playback techniques) would take little, if any, more effort than doing this in text and could remain local to a given document. After all, each “flexible” text entry would be different too.