adding umc1820 out 3&4 problem

Hope someone can help…

I have Cubase Pro 10 with a UMC1820 interface. All works well with monitors connected to main out (1&2) on the UMC interface.

I connected another set of monitors to output ports 3&4 on the UMC1820 and made out3 & out4 visible in Cubase, then assigned “Monitor Out” to out3 and out4 (I already have “Main Out” assigned to out1 & out2)

While an audio track is routed to “Main Out” I hear the sound (as expected, this is how it has been worked for a long time) BUT if I change the track (in Inspector) to “Monitor Out” I get no sound.

So I am unable to switch routing to an alternate set of monitors by changing the routing in Cubase. Has anyone done anything like this?
Any pointers would be welcome :slight_smile:


And Is there a reason you Need to do it by changing Routing, instead of doing it via Control room?

I have never really used Control room, it seemed simple to just change the assignment in the inspector from “Main Out” to “Monitor Out” - except it doesn’t work :wink:
I wanted to avoid using something that I don’t normally use in my workflow but I will spend some time playing with Control room and see how easy (or not) to do what I need…

Hi rpeatfield

Might I recommend using the control room BIG TIME. It changed my studio life. It’s just,good. Changing speakers, easy, set up a KC, and it doesn’t really change you’re workflow at all, just helps it.

Best Regards, Dave