Adding vocal parts to players

I am trying to be very careful with this. Five of six players are switching to vocal parts. I started by going to setup and began with adding singer to the instrumental part that was already established, now using the galley view. Then I added the lyrics and saved it because it turned out fine. Moving on to the next one I was feeling a bit apprehensive and it turns out the feeling was validated. I started the instrument change with the next instrument and “Vocal” was displayed above the top staff in the system along with the one that was already established. So I put on the brakes and now here I am. It seems silly for me to continue in this manner and having the “Vocal” text written out five times above the first staff., regardless of viewing the score in page view or galley view.

Don’t put in any instrument changes yet. Have all your vocal staves and all your instrument staves open in galley view, and then simply put vocal music where there is vocal music, and instrumental music where there is instrumental music, and then do your formatting after that. If each vocal and instrumental part are paired, it shouldn’t be that difficult. You could also rename your vocal parts something like: Voice (Basson) and Voice (Violin) and then you could tell the difference when they are condensed (even if you then went back when it was all said and done and removed these qualifiers before printing).

Thanks. I’ll bounce that around in my brain and see what happens.