Adding vocals and a Handclap to Band Part

HI, I’m moving over from “That other Scoring Package” and I’m trying to work out how to do this. I am doing a wind band arrangement of the song “Pass the Peas” by the J.B.'s
I want all the players to Shout out “Pass the peas” in a rhythm, whilst also clapping on the two and 4. I’m trying to write this on their instrument parts. After 8 bars or so, they will switch from the vocal/handclaps to their instruments. I am using “Slash Notation” (Stemmed) for the vocals but need to put in a HC. How do I write this?

Thank you!

Is this near what you are wanting to do?

(used a normal voice for the handclaps then changed the notehead)

Or do you mean you want an extra stave?

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Yup, that is exactly it! SO just use two voices?