Adding Vol Automation to Track Controlled by VCA is Broken

Man, I’ve been having a ton of problems with VCAs in this project.

I have a VCA automating the volume of a group of tracks. The tracks themselves have no automation on them, but I now need to write automation to some of them to fix some issues. As soon as I add a node on the track’s automation channel (again, it is controlled by a master VCA), the effect of the VCA is essentially doubled. Near as I can understand, this is what’s happening:

VCA is set to -10dB
Track fader is set to 0dB

This is fine.

Track has no automation written to it directly
Track has “secondary” automation written to it by VCA, which shows up in Track’s automation lane as grey
Enable Track “Read Automation”
Try to create automation node on Track’s automation lane, 0dB
Track creates new “primary” automation line at -10dB
Track follows VCA automation from -10dB

Why does this happen?

and this is a known bug

using search would show it