Adding VST 2 Instruments to MediaBay Rack

Correct me, if I’m in error but this is what I found in “Known Issues & Solutions” February 2016 - Instruments & effects on page 10, but I can’t seem to get it to work…

14061: VST 2 instruments not displayed in MediaBay Rack result list
To show results, please

  1. Open the VST 2 instrument,
  2. Click on the MediaBay icon (next to preset selection) and choose “Convert Program List To VST Presets”.
    The presets (.fxp format) will be converted to VST 3 format and shown in the result list again (MediaBay Rack, Home > Instruments > VST 2 Instrument > preset result list).

Maybe someone can figure it out…and post back

I am sure a tech will answer that