Adding Wagner Tubas to a score

I’m having a bit of a problem adding a group of WTs to the brass section in my current project. My thought was to create an entry in the Brass list in the Builder, but having Saved, and been asked where, and then saved, it isn’t appearing in the brass sections list as I’d expected.

Then I thought the way to go would be to use the standard numbers approach, but I don’t see how to include the WTs in that.

Also, by the by, where do they go, order-wise? I’ve been putting them below the trombones and above the tuba & euphonium if I include one, but maybe they should go with the horns?

OK I’ve worked it out. The order question stands, though :slight_smile:

Indeed, that is a perennial question. If your players are not doubling on Horns, I suppose it’s up to you.

I would put them beneath the horns. That’s where people who are familiar with score reading (Bruckner, Wagner) will expect to find them.

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