Adding written notes to tracks

I decided to give Cubase another go, thinking about upgrading to Pro 11. I often try various different virtual instruments looking for the sound I want. Until onw I have had to write down the sounds I have tried on a piece of paper, much like I used to do with an analogue studio. I have had a search for ‘adding notes’ and ‘adding comments’ but there are literally thousands of results for those search terms and the many I have looked at have absolutely nothing to do with what I need. Is there a notepad function anywhere inside Cubase? Any help gratefully received.

Yes. There is a general Project Notepad and also each Track has its own Notepad. I also create an additional Marker Track and use its Marker’s names for timeline specific notes like where something needs fixing, or a new Part should begin.

Thank you so much, I would never have found that in a million years.