Additional authorisation for free trail

I changed from PC to Mac , I originally had authorisation for a free trail of cubase 12 on the pc which was unable to handle cubase , I would like to do a trail on my mac . I cannot find a contact email address of anyone at steinberg to write to regarding this . can anyone assist?Many thanks Paul

Hi and welcome to the forum,

With the Retail version, you can install Cubase up to 3 computers. I hope this is the case with the Trial too. So you should be able start Cubase 12 and this should become activated at your 2nd system automatically. You should be ready to go.

Hi Martin
Thanks my problem is that the trail period has expired .
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OK, then it’s something different.

You could create another MySteinberg account for your 2nd trial.

I was hoping I could email Steinberg and ask them to grant me another trail but cannot seem to find an email address to send to . It seems like it is all self help and FAQ type assistance is offered . Unless I am missing something.

Please contact your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor for support:

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