Additional Automation Key Command REQUESTS - VERY HELPFUL

Is there a way to increase or decrease a selected automation section with a key command?

Let’s say I use the selection tool on a given part of the volume automation line. Now that it’s selected, is there a key command somewhere that will increase (or decrease) that section …say by 1/2 dB increments and another key command that my increase it by 1dB increments?

This would definitely increase our work flow keeping us in the creative moments longer!

Here is my suggestion…
key commands for…

1/2 dB increase
1/2 dB decrease
1 dB decrease
1 dB increase

This way, you can move the section of your selected automation line by increments of…1/2 or 1dB

This idea can also work on the faders of the mixer, up a little or down a little in 1/2 or 1 dB increments!

You can do this with the project logical editor and a couple of key commands - but only by percentage.
So please Steinberg, add dB values to percentage for us…