Additional computer license cuebase11 pro

I have Cubase 11 Pro in my studio with a dongle.
I’m also trying to download Cubase to my computer at home, but the activation code is not recognized. What to do?

Do you have the dongle in the home computer and did you update the licence control for the dongle before trying to install C11 ?

The dongle is always in studio computer.
At home I don’t have the dongle. I understood that the dongle is no more really necessary if I I use the eLicenser control center…? Am I wrong?

Yes you are wrong.
The dongle is not needed for C12, but is for C11.

Okay thanks for your help,
So if I want to use cubase 11 pro also at home,
I must take the Usb dongle from my studio computer and insert it in my home computer ?

And if I’ll upgrade to 12 pro I can use it without the dongle in both computers?


Correct, you can also use C12 on 3 computers. just be aware that if you use certain add-ons they might require the dongle to run even on C12.

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:pray: Tnx for your help

You are welcome !