Additional consideration for ties into second endings

This is a suggestion for Dorico in relation to handling of ties, going into second endings, but also going into AND out of 1 bar repeats.

I am working on a John Philip Sousa March (The Stars and Stripes Forever). Here is an excerpt from the snare drum and bass drum part:

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 11.16.52

Bar 24 could be a 1 bar repeat. It is in the engraving from which I am copying:
Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 11.30.20

Truth be told, there are about 35+ places in the score where the 1 bar repeat is used. There are many phrases where th 1 bar, 2 bar, or maybe 4 bar repeat make a lot of sense. However, under the current version (D5), it is very time intensive to fiddle around with the l.v. tie, as seen here:

This solution requires 2 lv ties to be drawn, 1 getting into the bar repeat, and 1 getting out of the bar repeat.

When the team begins to tackle the tie into repeated endings, can the solution possibly extend into bar repeats as well? I know this might primarily be a percussion specific request, and not as dire as other issues, but I would like to see this get an elegant solution as well.


Be careful Robbie, you could be tempted by rhythmic compression :wink:

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Marc, that would be awesome too! Your idea of rhythmic compression is great!

I would add, at times I would like to have 1 bar repeats (%) in the part, but not in the score.

However, your idea is very strong. At times now I would love to write the full rhythms in the score, and abbreviations in the part. And that is next level (additional hours) work.