additional marker count in normal run modus (ADR-System)

Hello everyone,
i just have seen, that we get a problem on getting extra markers into a take with their own count-in. In the dubbing industry there are more than one voice actor in one take. To give them an orientationpoint for off starts, an extra marker-count-in within the take is essential. There is an option: “multiple Markers” / “Secondary Swipe” exists, but only work with freerun. But this feature should be available in the normal mode 2.

As a second wish, it would be nice to add more than one actor and role to one take, like it is in other taker-systems for example “eurotaker”.
In addition to this, it also would be nice, to get a real taker, to create the .csv’s. We currently work with an other software for creating our marker-csv’s. A steinberg solution would be very nice.

so i have 2 feature requests :wink:

Greetings, Jonathan