Additional Music Fonts

I find Sebastian to be my most used font after Bravura, especially when I need to have more vertical density (I find it behaves really well with a note spacing between 3 and 3.5 while Bravura shines between 3.5 and 4)
That is just my taste, though. YMMV :wink:
And for a really different looks, I use November 2.
I also use some NorFonts ones (the regular ones, not the hand-written style ones).


My son had a swim meet yesterday, and if any of you have kids that swim, you’ll understand that a championship-level meet is basically sitting around for 5 hours to watch your kid swim for 5 minutes. It’s noisy and loud and not conducive to work, so I did a thing …

Here’s a little music font comparison with 8 SMuFL fonts. The fonts are in order from left to right, Bravura, Finale Engraver, Finale Legacy, Finale Maestro, Leipzig, Leland, November2, and Sebastian. All are free to download except for November which must be purchased. As most of these are Playing Techniques, they have all been manually positioned. The positioning may not be 100% accurate so don’t necessarily make judgements based on the positioning.

Treble clefs

Bass clefs

Alto clefs

Time sigs

Sharps (remember positioning may not quite be correct)



Articulations, fingerings, dynamics, etc (some fonts do not contain SMuFL fingerings)

Here’s the file if anyone wants to play around with it, zoom in to compare glyphs, or add additional fonts to compare. It’s possible there are errors too so if you find any, let me know.

MusicFontComparision.dorico (979.6 KB)


@FredGUnn Can I just say I hope your son has many more swim meets ahead of him


Ha, yeah he does! He’s swimming an ocean mile race on Sunday (I’d probably drown if I attempted that) but I don’t think I’m bringing my laptop to the beach. Maybe next meet …