Additional options for Ukuleles

Hi Dorico, there are multiple types of Ukulele’s and there are multiple ways of tuning Ukulele’s, we can change the name to support the various types in the score but when will they have alternate tuning options - the Standard Baritone Ukulele tuning being the most common example?

You can change the ukulele tuning manually and export your own preset. Go to Setup, expand the Ukulele player, select the Ukulele instrument and click “Edit Strings and Tuning…”. Adjust as desired, and then click Export Tuning to save it for other projects. More information can be found in the Dorico help pages.

rodsager, we’d be happy to add further ukulele tunings. Is there a source you consider authoritative for where this information can be found?

Thanks @JesterMusician, spot on. I also found a video that contained that solution.

Hi Dan, the most common would be the addition of the Baritone tuned to D3-G3-B3-E4 followed by the old style Soprano tuning of A4-D4-F#4-B4.

Here is a site with some history:

And here is a site with the different Ukulele’s and tunings laid out in a spreadsheet:

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

After a little more surfing I found this site with a full range of tunings for the ukulele:

Have fun.

Hi Dan / Dorico, I was hoping that with the new release we’d see the ukulele tuning presets expand to not only include C6 Reentrant tuning (G4C4E4A4) but the common linear C6 tuning (G3C4E4A4) and Baritone ukulele (D3G3B3E4) - written in treble clef but transposes an octave down to these notes.

Also the fretboard picture that appears on the “Edit Strings & Tuning” window shows a fret marker on the ninth fret. On ukulele’s usually there are fret markers on 5th, 7th, 10th and double at the 12th.

Thanks in advance for sorting these out.

You should be able to create these with the new Instrument Editor, which lets you create your own tunings and transpositions.

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Thanks - I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: