Additional Remote Ranges for Chord Pads

As far as I can see, the Chord Pads only allow you to set 1 Remote Control range of trigger notes for the chords you wish to use. The problem is that with some sample libraries, there can be lots and lots of key switches that occupy a lot of space on the keyboard. However, keys in the lowest and highest ranges of the midi number ranges are often unused by developers, while all the playable keys and key switches are usually placed more towards the center. If you could set up an additional Remote Control range for other ranges of your instruments that aren’t being used, we could set more chords for our music arrangements.

For example, I bought Electri6ity on sale and spent a lot of time setting up the guitars. There are several unused keys below D0 and above C7. I can program chords for the available notes for either of those ranges - but not both. I have to settle for one or the other (or set up all my Electri6ity guitars all over again). If I could set another range to take advantage of those notes, that would be awesome! For composing, it’s ok because you can assign chords to keys that have key switches already assigned to them - they’ll just be overruled while the Chord Pads are engaged and you can turn it off when you get your parts laid down. But if you’re performing live with them, the limited range can be a concern if you need those key switches.

P.S., The Legato feature is SWEET!!