Additional sets of speakers/monitors HELP

I’m trying to connect an additional pair of monitors (avantone mix cubes) to existing setup (adam). Unfortunately, after connecting them to outputs 3 and 4, they play all the time. Without any control. I mean in Cubase, in the control room I’m able to regulate their level but apollo does not react. I assigned the same outputs 3 and 4 to the second pair of loudspeakers, but it did not do anything. I have no control to switch from one pair to another.
I have not tried in wavelab yet but it will probably be the same story.
Help please.

In the control room create a 2nd monitor bus, connect it to the 2nd pair of speakers, learn your apollo software, - done.

I did exactly what you said. Unfortunately, avantones are playing none stop.

Then there is probbaly something wrong with your apollo routing. Certainly UAD have a forum or customer support…?

Can you post a screen shot of both the Control Room & Outputs tabs in Audio Connections

Here are the screenshots.

Can you verify that in Audio Connections / Outputs the only entry is for Stereo Out and that its Device Ports are not connected.

SOLVED! I need to simply turn off the control room in Cubase (assign the outputs to the Virtual outputs in Apollo) and start using UAD control room. Everything works super fine!!!
Thank you all for the suggestions and guidance!!!