Additional Slots In The Playback Processing Section

So you really can’t add more than 3 plugins in the Playback Processing section in Wavelab 10? I’m only seeing 3 slots available. Currently, I’m running Metric AB, Tonal Balance Control 2, Clarity M, and Sonarworks Reference 4 plugin. Thats 4 reference plugins and only 3 slots available. Can we please get an update to at least 5 slots??

Agree. I’ve got Clarity, MetricAB, VSX now but could use another 1 or 2 free for Reveal etc…

Most definitely. I’m hoping we see it in Wavelab 10.5? Hmmm. Will see that version in December??

Yes, right now Pro is limited to three Playback Processing slots. While my current needs only call for one slot for TC Clarity M, I could see a case for making it 5 slots, especially as COVID times has people working in abnormal situations that might need headphone and/or speaker correction, and additional plugin metering and other needs.

Yes, agree that would be helpful.

As Justin mentions COVID has changed my workflow. On my processing slots I have Clarity-M, Studio Session Analyzer (Flux) and Waves WLM Plus, but I find myself compromising one of them in favor of Audiomovers ListenTo. Also I have to place Brainworx bx_meter somewhere else.

I think 5 slots are the minimum I need. Would be great to see amount of Monitoring Slots available sometime soon!

Completely agree here - would like to have at least 5 and ideally more available in this stage - my specific use case is Loudness Penalty (metering but also simulation), MixCheckerPro, Encoder Checker and then room correction/headphone studio simulations.

Would also like the ability to tie the plugins enabled to “virtual” speaker settings in the same way as you can in Cubase Pro’s Control Room - so that I can switch between multiple scenarios simply.

And maybe, so we don’t lose screen estate here with a blank “+” add plugin shown on the list the “Add” option could be on the header for the Playback Processing section.

Yep, I need a few more myself.
Also, it would be great if when you switch speaker systems, you could have separated plugs.
Specifically thinking of my instances of Dirac.

Would also like to see at least 2 more slots. I’m always one short and have to use plugin chainers to cope with what I need.

Another vote for some more slots.