Additional tempo track or a way to stretch a midi file in main project window

Would it be possible to have additional tempo tracks or a way to stretch a midi track to a designated bar ,marker point ? So that say you have a drum loop ,midi drag .Your main project is 140 BPM but you want the drum loop to sync at 93.3 BPM .Or another way There are six bars of the main project but you want the drum loop to sync as if it was four bars .

If you have Cubase Pro you can do this once you learn about Cubase time bases.

Manual: Defining the Track Time Base.

That’s the tempo I’m changing in the lower right if you cant see it clearly…


Or use the Select Tool (arrow) option “Sizing Applies Timestretch”

Sizing applies timestretch

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Thank you I will try this out .I also purchased RE Midi 2 that Iam also learning to use . Have a good day .

Thank you .That is well illustrated . I will follow the prompt and see if I can do that too .Illustrations are always so helpful I find .I am also trying out RE Midi 2 and learning how to use that .