additional USB eLicenser for HALion Sonic 2?

Hi! I’m new to this forum, and quite new to it all, so have me excused…

I’m about to buy the HALion sonic 2, and it says: Additional USB-eLicenser required.

I allready have an USB stick for my Cubase 6.5. Can I not use this? Or do I have to wait for an additonal one to be shipped to me? I really hoped this could be done from my chair, not having to wait for physical stuff.

Hope to be enlightened :slight_smile:

Hi there,

If you already have an USB eLicenser for your Cubase you are fine. There is just no USB eLicenser included in the box of HALion Sonic 2.

You guys should probably reword that. I guess something along the lines of either “USB-eLicenser required” or “USB-eLicenser required (not included)” would work.