Additional windows behaviour

Hi, maybe I am just missing something but at this point I run out of ideas how to proceed. While working, I use two windows with the same score and also window with Transport controls and Video window. When I close Dorico and open the same score again - I have to open everything again. And not only that - also position those windows on correct monitors (I’m using three in total). To me this seems rather distracting and illogical to set my workspace everytime I start working.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum, @jan.vanek.obch. The Video window will be reopened when you open a project with a video attached, but I believe the Transport window will indeed need to be manually reopened. However, the project windows themselves should open in the same sizes and positions as the last time you had the project open. This information is saved to disk when you close the project, so that it can be restored when the project is next opened. Are you doing anything unusual between sessions, e.g. disconnecting or reconnecting displays, or manually renaming or copying the project on disk before you reopen it?

thank you!
Video window is my bad, I didn’t have any in the particular project I tried this with. Transport is not so bad to open again. The additional window however does not appear upon exiting the project. Also the main one doesn’t open maximised even although I set it like so in the Preferences. It always opens slightly larger than my 2K screen (I use it vertical). Not much of an issue but weird behaviour nonetheless.
I’m not renaming the project, not moving it anywhere between the work sessions. Neither am I changing the display setup in any way.
The information is stored with the project file or somewhere in the program files?
In case additional info about my setup might help:

  • Laptop Legion 5 15ARH05
  • AMD Ryzen 5 4600H
  • NVidia GTX 1650
  • Win10 Pro 21H2 19044.3086
  • External screen 1: Acer PM161Q, connected via USB-C (used for video window)
  • External screen 2: BOE J560T09, connected via HDMI (vertical-flipped orientation, used for main dorico window)
  • (Second dorico window is displayed on laptop screen)

Um, so this has been a case of a problem in between the monitor and chair obviously :smiley:
It does work well, it’s just me being me. I was trying it previously with one project I didn’t change and thereby didn’t save - so this configuration was not saved into the project file.
Maybe it would be good to foolproof this situation in the future version by displaying the saving/not saving dialog even when the user doesn’t change anything in his flow but only in the windows layout? Just an idea…

Ah, I’m glad to hear that things are in fact working as expected for you. We decided that we didn’t think it was necessary to prompt the user to save if the only change they’ve made is moving windows around, but Dorico will always include this information when you trigger a save, even if the project is otherwise “clean”.