Additional Wish List

  1. Where stacks are receiving signal from a track, soloing the stack also solos the track. I can’t see a circumstance where you’d want to solo only the stack if the signal feeding it would be muted.
  2. Lock button on stacks. I find that my mouse scrolling sometimes changes the levels on a stack. Would be nice to be able to lock all parameters of a stack when you’ve got it performance ready.
  3. Some way to understand how much CPU plugins are using per instance of that plugin, and if they are introducing any additional latency.
  4. The ability to have at least one global send effect. I can create another set of stacks and group them on an additional output with a reverb on all stacks, but then I have to use additional plugins on the duplicated stacks. I can’t put a verb on the master out because I’m using different outs for each channel and running out to a mixer. My assumption is that others are doing to the same so that the levels can be mixed remotely at a show. I don’t see any other way to mix levels unless you have the host computer in front of you; most users will have it on the stage rather than at FOH.

Thanks for all the hard work on this!

Hi! You can disable slider/pot/fader controlls on mouse scrolling :slight_smile: I love keeping it disabled​:sunglasses:

You can have 4pcs (then with some difficulties you can even multiply it with 4​:sweat_smile: :slight_smile: Go to MIXER view and try to create:

  • new GROUP (group out to Stereo Out)
  • insert fx to newly created grp
  • Send signal from source channel to your newly created “FX bus”.
    Currently you can address 4 SENDs for each channel (regardless it’s type is STACK, LAYER, AUDIO Ch)

AHHHHHH!!! Now I see how the group channels work. That’s brilliant, thank you.

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I’d like to have a group channel that is local to the song: let’s say I have a number of layers - I’d like to have a single group I can allocate them to but I don’t want that group to appear in every song. Unless I’m missing something groups appear to be global.

Thanks God they are :wink::v:I don’t see your workflow / live production but in generally speaking it’s way more flexible and future proof use/keep “global fx kind of busses” “globally”. Create, say max 2-4-6 globals then you can send Signal to them song-by-song by keeping the quick control in your hand. E.g.: reverb / delay is way to long when playing in a marple-d hall, just touch your global-fx-bus and you are done for the complete gig right at the soundcheck. When going to your gig with a digital mixer, you have 2-4-6 slots in the DSP (say more with expensive desks) but in reality they are more the enough. Does this make sense to you?

Eg.: creating two reverbs and two delays (tighter and longer ones). Sending signal to shorter/tighter fx-busses at songs requires to stay tight meanwhile at airy songs you rather send signal to longer ones. This just a simple example, limit is your emagination.

Makes sense but as they say - “horses for courses” - I’m currently a solo act: Keyboards, Vocals and Backing Tracks.
Imagine I have some songs (say 10% of all the songs) with complex keyboard layers, unless I can group those layers it is next to impossible to adjust the overall keyboard level on the fly.
Sure I can create a “keyboard” group but it’s not needed in a song that only has a piano layer and it just adds unneeded complexity. I can’t hide the group when not needed because hide is global.
To a degree I can fudge the layer issue by using, say, only Kontakt to define my layers but the mix of those layers is then buried in Kontakt and not accessible in the mixer. Conversely if I use, say, Kontakt plus an M1 plus an Organ I then have 3 layers in the mixer. In this case it would be better to have them in a single, local, group.
I have already mentioned in another thread that Global Stack volume cannot be set individually in a song - that results in me having to have a Stack in each song just to control my HydraSynth where the patch volumes can vary greatly.
On the one hand each song is considered a project in itself, on the other the mixer is global which means its configuration has to be set up for the most complex song in the project. I’d like to be able to simplify the mixer at Song level. Using your analogy of a digital mixer - on my X32 I can recall all the routings and groupings as well as levels so surely that leans towards my point?
I hope that makes sense.

Okay, I think I understand and could put together the solution with the newly introduced Virtual Audio loopback devices. Somehow like this:

  • Create vStereo IN and OUT’s under “Connections”
  • Create Mixer OUT “vLoopback” and route it to the vStereoOut"
  • In TRACK view, create new Audio track… name it to e.g.: “vGRP-TRK1”,
    input from vStereoIN, output to MAIN Stereo out (or to SongXYZ, up to you)
    Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 14.53.22
  • Enable monitor and leave it enabled (maybe change in prefs in needed)
  • Route your LAYER or STACK to this vLoopback OUT and bring them back with Song based AudioTracks via virtual audio I/O.

Now, when changing songs, you can set independent levels to your “virtual-groups”. So e.g. you can route any LAYER or STACK to one this virtual, song based level AudioTrack type :slight_smile: Furthermore you can set SEND signals too on vLoopback outs :slight_smile:

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That is an interesting suggestion - thank you !
I hadn’t considered the virtual audio ports and had not realised I could use a dummy track this way - will have a play…

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That was an interesting hour…

Your solution leaves the keyboard vGroup volume control in the Song track, so I’d have to leave the Song expanded in the mixer - what I really wanted was a Keyboard group track visible in the mixer main view. However you did point me in the right direction.

If I use your loopback idea I can feed it with the keyboard stacks/layers and then create a local Stack with loopback as the input. That gives me the Keyboard group where I want it in the mixer. It’s a bit more convoluted than my original request but it works!

Many thanks for the advice and Happy New Year! :grinning:

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additionally you can try route your “loopbacked SongTrack OUT” (instead of it’s default container Song Ch) to an own mixGroup or mixOutput channel that will be visible across songs, but you have a raff setting for each songs. (You can route signal to additional OUT channels and set their output also to your main StereoOut). Involving vAudio I/O to routing, there are quite endless variations :wink:

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… we are listening and it’s coming soon.



Thank you @Spork ! That will make life soooo much easier.