Additions to MEDIABAY


I would like to propose to add some functionality to the MediaBay:

1. An option to add our own non-Cubase filetypes, besides Audiofiles, Plugin Presets etc.

This would help to find for example Kontakt files, the different Arturia filetypes (like *.arpx, *.minix), etc. It would still be useful without all the prelisting functions, as the files would be at least visible inside the MediaBay. This way could also make use of all the Attribute Inspector functions (as an added TXT or XML file inside each scanned folder) and categorize non-VSTpreset files, which would be of great help. Me for example I make use of SFZ files, Emulator X banks, Arturia presets etc.

*2. An option to asociate those filetypes to a plugin (for example .minix for Arturia Mini V files)

More and more companies are using their own Library system, which makes it impossible to find their presets in the current MediaBay. Doubleclicking on this filetype would open this plugin (although it doesn`t load the preset).

Or does anyone know of a software, which is able to do that and permits search on attributes?

Thanks in advance.