First excuse my poor english. I’ll try to make it short.

I’ve been using Cubase, my favorite DAW, since black & white versions.

I ordered Cubase 7 update (from 6.5) on 01/25/13.
I made a mistake by ordering the box version instead of the downloadable one (You know, the little checkbox trick) Well no big deal… I thougth…
Right after validating I realized my mistake and sent Asknet an email trying to cancel my order so I can start right from scratch cause I needed it rihgt away before flying away for vacations.
One week later I receive an answer to my email telling me that the package’s been delivered meaning my problem should now be solved.
Except that today (23 days later, yeah a bit long compared to 5 minutes downloading) I still haven’t got nothing.

Communication with hotline France (settled in Germany) is terrible, long story short, the only one time I managed to get someone on the phone, the person made me feel like I was a liar and a thief !!! He tells me that my order has been delivered and signed by “Adeline” at my adress. I checked UPS tracking and he was right, but I was unable to explain that I didn’t receive nothing, UPS has never contacted me and that I don’t know no Adeline but he wouldn’t listen. That’s not his problem.
Since then: answering machine and I didn’t find tracks about no Adeline in my neighborhood.

01/11/13 Right after our conversation I received an email telling he’s sending a resquest for inquiry to UPS.
8 days later UPS tells me that no request for inquiry has been made by the sender so they can’t do nothing for me!
At Steinberg support (France) they told me that they couldn’t do nothing for me too.

I would have thought situations like this easier to solve, like sending me another copy (downloadable this time) and block the other serial number or something like that I don’t know, actually I never had to think about it before.

I’m still waiting… I just wanted a downloadable version in the first place, which would have taken 5 minutes to copy… Instead I had to cancel vacations cause I’m taking care of this each and everyday, with no sucess and no one to talk to.

Thank you for reading.

I just wanted someone other than me and Asknet (cause they don’t seem to care AT ALL) to know about my situation.

Thank you for reading.

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