Adesso m14 hotkeys

I just got an Adesso m14 cyber tablet to use with Cubase. Basically, this lets me edit midi or audio for more than an hour without my carpel tunnel flaring up. Here is a link in case you are not familair with the product:

When I try to use the hotkeys with Cubase, it only works if the command does not involve ctrl, alt, or shift. If I program the hotkey as “shift-I” for example, then when I hit it only the “I” part of the command goes through. So “ctrl-S” becomes just “S” and so forth.

I have already contacted Adesso, and they are looking into the problem (they did not know off hand what the problem was). I figured that there is a slim chance that someone here may know of this device.



win 7 64 bit, cubase 5.5.3