Adjust arrow size in metric modulation?

I find that the arrows in the metric mode app have for some reason have gotten too big. Can’t find exactly where to change that, so where would I find that?


They are arrows, using SMuFL characters from the Metronome Music Text Font Style.

Metronome music text font is at 15, metronome test font is at 8. I’ve played around with them but it doesn’t change the arrow size. As in the attached pdf, the way they are now takes up too much space, especially when at the end of a system.
Slice 4.pdf (41.2 KB)

You can scale them down in Library > Music Symbols, Category: Tempo, the arrows. Reduce the Scale Y value (the X is ignored) to the desired size.

If you want shorter shafts but not smaller heads, you can change them to ← and → (U+2190 & 2192) from another font.

Thanks so much, it can be a challenge to know where certain things are.