Adjust audio tempo when using "Import Tracks from Project"

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when I import instrument tracks from another project, Cubase automatically adjusts that track’s tempo into my active project, however if I import an audio track with sample material from another project (drums for example) they don’t get adjusted to my project’s tempo and still play in the original project’s tempo. Is there an automatic way to get them adjusted? Of course I can do it manually, but an automatic way just like the instrument tracks would be super awesome.


If I’m not mistaken, the import track function takes the Time base of the given track into account. Most probably your Instrument tracks are in the Musical time base, but your Audio tracks are in the Linear time base.

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Thank you! Interesting enough it didn’t matter if the track is set to musical or linear for audio tracks while importing (they didn’t time stretch), but that led me to the solution what was missing: The audio events themselves must be set to musical (musical mode) in the info pane and now they get adjusted automatically while importing. Problem solved!