Adjust audio to the MIDI grid

I have to admit that I´m quiet new in Cubase 6 although I have some expieriences in Cubase SX3.
I have a audiofile which is more or less in a free tempo and I want to adjust this to a fixed straight MIDI grid.
In SX3 in the sample editor there was a tool (an arrow with a clock) which allows you to drag a certain point in the audio wave to the grid (squeezing and streching the neighborhood in the audio). I´m missing this tool in C6! The only tool I found allows me to drag the grid to a certain point in the audio, causing tempo changes in MIDI. But that´s not what I want. I want to adjust audio to a steady MIDI tempo.

Any idea?

Check out “Free Warp” in the Operation manual.pdf (pg.275)

See how you get on. I generally find that doing this can suck the life out of certain audio recordings.
If the timing discrepancy is not that extreme and you don’t need it that way for technical reasons then I find that the balance is in favour of getting the midi timing to follow the audio.

@ vic-france:
Thanks for the hint, will try on the weekend!

@ conman:
This is a matter of taste, but wasn´t the core of the question