Adjust automation value with Generic Remote?

I’m trying to change the value displayed on the window info line with a touch interface. I saw a post from 2016 saying that this was not possible to set up in the generic remote but haven’t seen anything else on the subject. Is it possible to control this “value” box through a touch interface via the generic remote?


Not with Generic Remote. But the new MIDI Remote has the Mouse pointer control (AI Knob). So you can Mouse hover over any scrollable object and use HW slider/encoder to adjust the value. This might work.

This is repeatedly deceptive and I request that Cubase always be clear about what this means when addressing customers to avoid confusion: AI is not a mouse wheel control. Many VSTs that will work with the mouse wheel will not work with AI because AI is a custom Cubase implementation, not an actual mouse wheel control. I have found AI easily works less then 50% of the time across hundreds of plugins that actually support the mouse wheel directly because of this.

Please stop being deceptive about what AI actually is when addressing customers because you’re just adding confusion. If you want to make it right, then actually leverage the mouse wheel instead of using something that doesn’t and likely will never work correctly for a large chunk of VSTs.

Thank you.