Adjust automation value with remote control?

Just wondering, is there a way to adjust existing automation values in Cubase with remote control fader?

Meaning, on an existing automation curve, if you click on automation handle, value is displayed on info line. To change this value one can type new value into “value” field in info line, or drag automation handle up/down with mouse.
So I wondering if there is a way to connect this “value” field to a fader on remote. To quickly select a handle with mouse or arrow keys, and move it up/down with a dedicated fader. If anybody knows of a way to do this, pls let me know. Thnx.


You can adjust the value by using any AI controller, which is on CC122, CMC AI or CI2+.

Thank you, Martin. I don’t have AI. Is it possible to map Generic Remote to the value?

No, it isn’t, sorry.